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Slide labels for histology labs for identification of specimen slides using barcode printers. These histology labels are designed for staining with histological stains and exposing to solvents and extreme conditions including cryo storage and freezer storage of microscope slides. These histo labels can withstand harsh treatment and exposures to protocols where labeled slides are exposed to rough treatment, extreme cold, extreme heat, alcohols, ketons, xylene, toluene, histo stains, acetone, DMSO and other laboratory reagents. These labels are designed for use in histology, cytology, pathology, histoimmunology, histochemistry, cytochemistry, cytoimmunology, cell biology and molecular biology labs.

Xylitag slide labels and histo cassette labels when printed with special ribbons (HistoRIBBON™) can endure pathological specimen processing and histological staining procedures. The printed label can be directly exposed to harsh chemicals, solvents and stains without any need for overlamination or additional protection. The printed labels will not be tinted with the color from histo stains and the information will be clearly legible and the barcodes will easily scan even after prolonged staining protocols.

Xylitag labels have been tested and validated for exposures to chemicals and their archival properties. These labels have been used for identification of millions of pathological and histological samples worldwide for over 5 years.
The XyliTag labels do not require any special printer or expensive technology to purchase in order to print them. These labels can be printed with all major brands of thermal-transfer barcode printers and printing kits   At GA International we conveniently provide all our labels on 1” cores and 3” cores to fit on small desktop printers or on larger industrial printers. Similarly we provide our HistoRIBBONs in configurations to fit both classes of printers Xylene-Resistant Ribbons.

We offer a complete histological laboratory label printing kit with a small Zebra printer for only $995.00 which includes:
- a high resolution Zebra printer,
- state of the art label printing software,
- 5,000 xylene-resistant histo labels of your choice,
- 1 HistoRIBBON

The printing kit is capable of printing any types of 1D barcodes or 2D barcodes, serial numbers, text, graphics, dates, connection to database and Excel sheets, import and print data from Databse and Excel, connection to LIMS software and use data from Laboratory Management Information Systems. Our printing kits and software are well adapted for printing pathology accession numbers, tissue-specific and patient specific information and can be easily integrated in existing laboratory information systems or custom designed IT systems.

As a manufacturer of histological laboratory labels we can provide custom made labels and ribbons to fit any application in your laboratory.